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Hi Partner

Hope you are doing great please send matching profile to the below
requirements from my Prime vendor. Thanks in advance.

* *

One of our End Client is looking for what they call an "*Oracle Identity
Management*" (IdM) professional.

Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is a piece of the overall IdM project.

They will *be using OID 10g ver 10.1.4*.

This consultant must have experience from the development side (PL/SQL and
Java/J2EE) and not simply an Oracle Apps DBA who has installed OID.

A major part of this project will be using OID Directory Services to
integrate w/other applications.  Java API's will be used for this and
they'll be a lot of customized programming.

*Therefore, the candidate will need:    OID and LDAP project experience,
Java/J2EE programming skills, and will be in a lead role.*

Key to this position is Team Lead level person (code reviews, supervise 2-3
others) and OID experience (a must).

*Title:  **Oracle Identity Management** **Lead **
Start:  3/16
Duration:** **Thru end of July*

*Location:* Chicago, IL

Not looking for just Sr. Java/Web/Integration development experience but the
requirements include LDAP (preferably OID) integration & provisioning
development experience.  Java and PL/SQL will be development tools used to
deliver provisioning services within an LDAP (OID is the client's choice of
technology) framework, hence knowledge / experience with LDAP will be

* *


* *

The Identity Management track is part of an overall ERP project to replace
an existing Oracle ERP system.

   - Starting in mid-March looking for a Development Lead with:
   - Excellent communication skills
   - LDAP development experience  (OID highly preferred)
   - Web Service development experience
   - Java and SQL programming experience
   - Leading the development effort
   - Performing code reviews
   - Leading integration efforts
   - Assigning development tasks to developers
   - Resolving development related issues
   - Experience in development best practices (modular design, data
   encapsulation, code review, unit testing, performance testing, etc.)

*Duties will include but are not limited to: *

   - *Implement a new version of OID *
   - Conduct performance *tests on the new instance of OID*
   - Design, develop, and test data conversion for identities currently in
   OID to the new OID
   - Develop high availability for Identity Management solution (this may be
   a configuration or infrastructure activity)
   - Design, develop, and test required services and/or interfaces for OID,
   A/D, and the new ERP system’s LDAP components to implement the
   provisioning/de- provisioning of identities, the authentication processes,
   updating of credentials, and synchronizing entity, identity, and
   authorization information between          repositories
   - Design, develop, and test functionality to allow for auditing of the
   transactions performed by the IdM system

Please respond to this mail with updated resume along with below details of
your consultant.


Current location:

Email ID:


Visa status:

Rate on 1099 or corp. to corp.:

Thanks and Have a Nice Day

Deep Sagar Reddy

Phone: 813-600-4060 Ext- 124    Email:  *deep.sa...@amzur.com*

Fax: 813-774-7819     *Yahoo im!*  deep2k1sagar

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/deepsagarreddy

Amzur Technologies, Inc., | 400 North Ashley Drive Suite #2200 | Tampa, FL

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*"Amzur is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, national
origin or citizenship status or ethnic origin, disability, marital status,
veteran status, or any other occupationally irrelevant criteria."*

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