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*SREEVIDYA----webMethods Consultant*

*                                         **               ***


* *

Ø      Over 7+ years of professional IT experience in analysis, design,
development and implementation of software applications which includes 5+
years of experience in Enterprise Application Integration
AG*), B2B and BPM solutions  using *webMethods 6.0.1/6.1.x/6.5.x/7.1.x.*

Ø      Worked for various domains such as Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Health
Care, Transportation, Manufacturing, Electric, Banking and Insurance.

Ø      Worked in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) such
as development, testing, analysis, administration, migration, and production
support on different platforms like *UNIX,AIX and Windows NT/2000/2003***

Ø      Have worked on different types of projects like implementation,
version migration, production support and offshore setup/transition*.  *

Ø      In-depth expertise in *webMethods 6.0.1/6.1.x/6.5.x/7.1 components.*

Ø      Have carried out two complete* version migrations* from WebMethods *4.x
to 6.x*.**

Ø      Responsible in for Design, Development, Testing the business process
at different environments.

Ø      Responsible for Development & testing activities at Netherlands as a
Track Lead for Versatel –Tele 2, *Netherlands** - Europe*.

Ø      Excellent analytical problem solving communication and interpersonal
skills with ability to interact with individuals at all levels and can work
as a part of a team as well as independently

Ø      Competent, conscientious and detailed-oriented Developer with
extensive knowledge and experience in different areas of Information Systems
Technology **

Ø      Good interpersonal skills with Customer Oriented attitude, effective
communication, excellent team player with team building capabilities and
leadership qualities.

Ø      Strong ability to quickly adapt new concepts, systems, languages and
tools. Excellent analytical, problem solving and organizational skills.

* *


Ø      Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering), Jawaharlal
Nehru Technological University, India.

Ø      *Certified webMethods 6.0 Developer *

* *


Domain Knowledge      EAI, B2B, EDI, BPM, BAM, SOA

Integration Tools         webMethods IS 6.0.1/6.1.x/6.5.x/7.1, Developer
6.0.1/6.1/6.5/7.1,Designer 7.1, Modeler 6.1/6.1.5, Deployer 6.1/6.5/7.1,
Monitor 6.1.5/7.1,My webMethods Server 7.1, PRT 6.1.5, Process Engine 7.1,
Task Engine 7.1, Trading Networks 6.0.1/6.1/7.1, Broker 6.1/6.5/7.1,CAF, JDBC
Adapter, SAP Adapter 6.5, JMS Adapter, VCS, web Services, SOAP, File formats
like EDI, XML, Flat Files.

Languages                    Java, webMethods Flow language, C, C++, XML,

Web servers                 Apache Tomcat, IIS

Databases                      Oracle 8i/9i, MS SQL 2005

Operating Systems      Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, UNIX.



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