6 Mo C2C in
PittsBurg, PA

* Scope of work would include migrating the remaining Notes Applications
from the Wintel Notes 6.5 Environment (Approximately 1300+) to the new Notes
8.0 AIX Environment. This person would have a strong Notes Developer
Background (5+ Years Experience) with Manager Access in Production. An
aggressive run rate of multiple applications per week (50+) will need to be
achieved to hit currently established targets (Migrations complete by EOM
Sept 09)

* This person would perform the actual 'Move' of the Notes Databases. During
the implementation, database access will be frozen, then replicated over to
the Notes R8 Servers, redirection code applied to R6 Prod Copy, Database
access restore. When user goes to access their R6 icon, they will be
redirected to the Domino 8 Server

* They would provide technical hands on trouble shooting after the move for
any issues related to their applications moving from the R6 to R8 servers

* They would provide technical hands on trouble shooting for users moving to
the R8 environment while their applications remain in R6 until those are

* This person would also coordinate closely with the project managers and
developers on building and maintaining the migration pipeline (schedule)

* This person when not busy migrating applications could help in tracking
down owners of 'unclaimed' applications to migrate those

* This person would be highly motivated, self managed and organized

* They would be responsible for technical input into building over of the
conversion processes.

> Thanks n'  Have a Good Week Ahead!
> Chandra Nimma
> Technical AM/Recruiter
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> Please).
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