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*Name: Sahil A*

*Location: NJ*

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*Availability: Immediate*

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*Relocation: NJ, NY Only.*

   - A resourceful and dynamic Project Manager/Business Analyst with over 9
   years extensive experience in Object-Oriented methodologies for business
   analysis such as Rational Unified Process (RUP) using Rational Tools.
   - Expert in formulating business process reengineering by means of RUP
   methodology and enterprise wide systems implementation taking into account
   continuous improvement techniques like balanced score card.
   - Extensive experience in managing enterprise IT project life cycle
   (SDLC) through all phases.
   - Excellent knowledge in Financial Analysis. Worked in stocks, bonds and
   fixed income.
   - Excellent understanding of web security technologies.
   - Proficient in streamlining Business processes by recognizing and
   avoiding bottlenecks, thereby reducing Cycle time and improving system
   efficiency and employee productivity and concurrently employing activity
   based costing techniques for better cost benefit analysis of the system.
   - Expert in Root Cause Analysis, Feasibility studies, Risk Assessment

   - Excellent knowledge in activity based cost accounting for cost analysis
   and business process analysis.

   - In-depth knowledge and experience in cost management, time management,
   risk management, and integration management.
   - Experienced in IT project budget analysis, outsourcing strategies, and
   contract management.
   - Experience in project oversight and independent validation &
   verification (IV&V).
   - Strong technical background in systems architecture, database design,
   and network administration.
   - Solid skills in writing proposals, biding projects, and winning
   - Proven ability to deliver high quality IT products and services on
   schedule and under budget.
   - Excellent interpersonal skills in communications, client relations, and

*Skills *
MSDOS, Windows3.x, Windows95/98/XP, WindowsNT/2000, SQL (Update, Select,
Append), Oracle 8i, Visual Basic 6.0, MS Excel, MS Access, *MS Visio, MS
Project 2003, MS-Word, MS PowerPoint,* RUP 2002, Rational Rose 2002,
Rational RequisitePro 2002, IP Networking protocols - RIP, OSPF, BGP; Cisco
2600 and 3700 series router configurations.

*Internet *

MS-Visual Studio, MS-Visual Interdev, VB Script, JavaScript, XML, Style
sheets, Internet Information Server.
*Languages *

Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, ADO 2.0, COM, Active X
Messaging & Collaboration Administering MS - Exchange Server 2000, Client
Management via Outlook 2002, Outlook Express.
*Operating Systems*
Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT 4.0, Security Network Security using
Hardware / Software Firewalls, Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition,
Antivirus Server-Client Management, Internet Gateway Security, Software Engg
Software Engineering, Principles Software Quality Assurance, Software
Analysis and Design, Software Project Management

*Name: Kurt*

*Location: Texas*

* *

*Availability: Immediate*

* *

*Relocation: Open*

* *


 I am seeking a position in the field of portfolio/program/project
management, business process improvement, change management, and/or
business/functional requirements, as I have extensive education/experience
in these realms. (Note:  The resume content below is more-focused on my
portfolio/program/project management experience.  If you are also or instead
interested in my business process improvement and/or change management
experience, please see, or ask me to provide, the addendum to my resume that
focuses on my process improvement and change management experience.)

*Qualifications Summary*

   15 3/4 years of experience as a portfolio/program/project director/manager
(over a more than 20-year span).

   15 years of experience directing/managing portfolios/programs/projects
which were technical or had a technical aspect.

   5 1/4 years of international portfolio/program/project management

   6 years of experience in business process engineering and reengineering
(i.e., process improvement).

   6 years of hands-on experience with business/functional requirements.

   4 3/4 years of true consulting (versus merely contracting) experience.

   Significant experience as a trainer, tester, documenter, and line manager
as well.

   Managed the successful completion of more than 55 programs/projects,
ranging from a couple of months to over a year in length and including many
business-wide and inter-company programs/projects.  (Team sizes ranged up to
500 people.)

   Found or created large (million dollar plus) cost savings or additional
revenues, and/or prevented major corporate missteps, on numerous occasions.

   Certified PMP (Project Management Professional).

   Six Sigma Black Belt.

   Extensive additional formal corporate training in Project Management,
Matrix Management, Computer Systems Analysis, Process Reengineering,
Cost/Benefit Analysis, Training, Documentation, and Records Management.

   Bachelors/Masters degrees in Communication (the most important skill for
a portfolio/program/project director/manager, and, arguably, for a process
improvement, change management, or business/functional requirements

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*Sunil Kumar*

*International Business Solutions*
Contact - 732-981-0450  x 424

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