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Hi Friends,

Recently we have seen many over turns in economic situations and lot of job
cuts and frustrations due to the drastic recession of this decade. We have
seen many of our colleagues losing jobs and being dragged to horrible
situations. We are noticing that some employers are revoking the H1Bs of
consultants and some are being sent back to India forcefully as they can’t
be accommodated on employer bench anymore.

While everyone is closing doors Canada has opened doors for H1B visa holders
who are working in U.S right now. This is a Special category immigration
where the beneficiary will get Canada PR Card in just 6 months, unlike the
usual 2 to 3 years of process. This is a recent development and can’t say
how long it lasts, so "*make hay while sun shines*".

If you know somebody who is looking for immigration help, please refer to

www.DesiGreencard.com <http://www.desigreencard.com/>

Maple Eagle Immigrations


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