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Position: Java with IBM Data Power Experience Required 

Location: South Lyon, MI

Duration: 3 Months - Extendable

Rate: $50/hr 


Job Description: 


  a.. IBM Datapower experience 
  b..   Must have working knowledge and demonstrated abilty with IBM datapower, 
more than 1 year experience is REQUIRED.  Without datapower experience, no 
interview will be granted. 
  a.. Experience following the RUP or Agile methodology 
·         Candidate needs experience understanding:

·         Software Architecture Documents (SAD) - defines the architecture of 
the solution

·         Use Case Documents - defines the functional requirements

·         Use Case Models - visually depicts the functional scope of the project

·         Supplementary Specifications - defines non-functional requirements

·         Candidate needs experience executing to the RUP or Agile software 
engineering process

·         Familiarity of what work is performed during Elaboration, 
Construction, and Transition (RUP)

  a.. Understanding of architecture & design concepts of Service Oriented 
Architecture (SOA) 
·         Candidate needs experience with the following:

·         Understanding of SOA

·         Understanding of design patterns

·         Design and development of web services (the actual service itself not 
just a consumer of the service)

  a.. Expertise in IBM RAD v6.x, IBM WAS v6.x, J2EE, XML, IBM MQ, JMS, 
continuous integration (e.g. Cruise Control), and experience 
developing/debugging web services 
·         Candidate needs experience with the following:

·         Developing/maintaining web services with IBM RAD v6.x

·         Deploying web services to IBM WAS v6.x

·         J2EE

·         EJBs (Session, MDB not Entity) -web services are typically 
implemented as EJBs

·         Strong Java development skills

·         XML

·         XSD, WSDL, XML, DTD, DOM/SAX

·         IBM MQ

·         Understanding of IBM MQ or other queue-based messaging system

·         Understanding of how to create, read, and translate fixed-length 
string messages

·         How to use messaging in a synchronous manner

·         Experience calling the mainframe from the distributed platform

·         JMS

·         Understanding of the lifecycle of messages in queues

·         Understanding of queues vs. topics

·         Continuous Integration

·         Experience developing/maintaining services in a continuous 
integration environment such as Cruise Control

·         Experience moving services from local environment, through DEV and 
QA, finally to production

·         Developing/debugging web services

  a.. Working knowledge of UNIX and command line programs 
·         Candidate has experience with common UNIX commands

  a.. Strong Problem Solving Skills 
·         Candidate needs experience with the following:

·         Thinking on their feet

·         Coming up with creative solutions to difficult problems

·         Thinking out of the box

  a.. Unit, System, Integration, and Performance Testing experience 
·         Candidate needs the following:

·         Strong experience ensuring complete coverage for unit tests

·         Strong experience ensuring rigorous system and integration testing

·         Strong experience ensuring SLAs can be met and performance 
requirements are tested for performance testing

·         Experience managing performance requirements across multiple 
consumers given a single service

  a.. Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
·         Candidate's communication must be:

·         Easy to understand

·         Does not speak too quickly or too slowly

·         Must understand spoken English

·         Clearly communicates with team members and customers

·         Strong listening skills

·         Can communicate complicated things in a simple and straightforward 

·         Strong and clear written skills

  a.. Understanding and experience using PVCS or other version control tool 
·         Candidate needs the following:

·         Experience with check-in and check-out

·         Experience creating projects in version control tool

·         Experience with continuous integration environments

Thanks & Regards,

Sophia Jones
Technical Recruiter
Data Group, Inc.
Certified Minority Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) & Small Business 
Enterprise (SBE)
|Office: 1 - 732 - 791 - 2348 xtn: 250| Fax: 732 - 907 - 1174 |Email: 
sop...@datagroupinc.net|Website: www.datagroupinc.net|
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