Dear Partners,
I have the following immediate need:
Cupertino- we do not relocated people.
Must Haves:
5-7 years experience (years are not as important as ability to handle the environment and have the skills) 
Wireless Experience! (Cell phones, PSP etc)- understand the backend, testing protocol; find out why modem did not talk to AT&T, and how to handle it properly.
Wi-Fi - how embedded topics work
WLan- Protocol Layer
Network experience (Layers 7-4 from network stack perspective)
EXCEPTIONAL CODERS (Perl, Objective C, Ruby) - should be a developer with a splash of QA experience.
Day to Day:
They will be building Automation Frameworks for WLan and Wireless- They need to understand how QA works, how mobile devices work, understand how a user sees the mobile devices and build the phone to the user, be able to test the wireless device and make it better, then be able to automate the test for the Wi-Fi.
Personality is crucial to this position; they run a very tight ship. Very confidential group. They are looking for someone who can hold there own in a very intense interview (they do this on purpose because if you can't handle the interview, you won't be able to survive in the position) They will purposely try to trick you to see if you are telling the truth or not, and if you have the experience you say you do to back it up. This is not a 9-5 job. Sometimes you will work till 10 and be expected to be at work the next day at 7.
ZealTech Inc.
Phone:510.870.5025 * Cell: 510.449.5280 * Fax : 510.372.0571

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