* *

*Requirement #1*

* *

*GIS Oracle/SQL Developer *

6 months with a possible 1yr. extension

Columbia, SC

$45 to 55

*Job Description: *

Our client the SCDOT currently maintains and distributes roadway, GIS and
engineering data via a set of software applications. These applications

                �h The Roadway Information Management System (RIMS)

                �h The RIMS Automated Routing for OSOW (a RIMS module)

                �h The Integrated Transportation Management System (ITMS)

                �h The Resurfacing Application (an ITMS module)

                �h The GIS Hurricane Evacuation System

*Required skills*

*5 or more years *Oracle 10g including stored procedures

*5 or more years  *Web Services

*5 or more years *GeoMedia Professional

*5 or more years *GeoMedia SmartStore Files

*5 or more years *GeoMedia WebMap Professional

*5 or more years *Adobe SVG

*5 or more years *XSLT - SVG Editor language

*5 or more years *CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

*5 or more years *SQL Server

*5 or more years *MS Access

*5 or more years *Powerbuilder

*5 or more years *Visual Studio 2005

*5 or more years *ASP.NET

*5 or more years *C++

*5 or more years *VB.NET

*Requirement #2*

*Java Programmer *

Columbia, SC

6 months with a possible 1yr. extension

35 to 40 -42 $/Hr. on ctc

*Job Description: *Our client the SCDOT assumed responsibility for the
Automated Routing and Permitting application from Bentley. The client module
is written in Visual C++ and the extranet module is written in Java 1.4. It
interfaces with an Oracle database with reports generated in Crystal. Prior
knowledge of the application is preferred. *General Characteristics *

                �h Responsible for the analysis, development, modification,
installation, testing and maintenance of operating systems software.

                �h Possesses a strong understanding of systems programming,
graphical user interfaces and control languages.

                �h Evaluates vendor supplied software packages and makes
recommendations to IT management.

                �h Modifies and/or debugs vendor-supplied utilities and

                �h Modifies, installs and prepares technical documentation
for system software applications.

                �h Diagnoses, isolates and de-bugs software problems and
performs problem resolution.

                �h Monitors systems capacity and performance, plans and
executes disaster recovery procedures and provides Tier II technical

Required skills

*5 or more years *Java 1.4

*5 or more years *JBuilder

*5 or more years *C#

*5 or more years *Visual Studio 2005

*5 or more years*.NET framework

*5 or more years *SQL Reporting Services

*5 or more years *SQL Plus

*5 or more years *Oracle Enterprise Manager

*5 or more years *Classic" ASP**

Thank you for your support


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