Direct Client!!!

Title: Oracle DBA
Duration: 3-4 months
Location: Sanjose, CA

*Consultant Should have worked with Clients like Oracle Corporation, IBM etc
*Must be certified in Oracle 10 G*

*Requirement Details*
Migration to Oracle 10G
1.      Installation of Oracle 10G server software on our SUN Solaris e2900.
2.      Migrating data from current production Oracle 9i database to the new
server running Oracle 10g.
3.      Implementation of a Backup Plan that allows for doing incremental
backups during the week and full backups only on the weekend.
4.      Installation and configuration of ASM on the e2900 for the Oracle
10G database.
5.      Migration would include implementing new date range partitioning for
some tables (this was done on 11G, so we have the names of the tables and
the number of date range partitions defined) either before or after the data
migration - this would be something the consultant would analyze and advise
as far as if it is just quicker to move the data without doing this, then
doing this after the data is moved.
6.      Current volume to migrate is 3.5 terabytes and growing, so advice on
managing large volumes of data over periods of time.  Working up a capacity
plan for short term 6 months out, longer term 12 months out.
7.      Documenting everything recommended or done, documents to be turned
over to DOR, so we can reuse the methods, scripts developed and anything
else done for subsequent migration to the 4900.
1.      Reverse engineer 11g configuration, including AWS, AWS volumes and
groups, database create, tablespaces create, file create, table create, INI
2.      Outline a proposed technical methodology for the steps below, and
circulate outline for (quick) approval by DOR.
3.      Delete 11g database
4.      Write script and execute it to Install AWS Version 10g
5.      Write and create build scripts to configure AWS volumes and volume
6.      Write script and execute it to Install Oracle 10g, including Pro*C
7.      Write script and execute it to Create database, tablespaces,
database files, and tables (with date-range partitions) for Oracle 10g
8.      Determine an efficient method to migrate data from 9i (no AWS) to
10g (AWS, different partitioning).
9.      Test and Execute script(s) to migrate data from 9i to 10g, and
rebuild indexes
10.     Test and Execute scripts (over weekend) to migrate all user accounts
and user schema tables from 9i to 10g.
11.     Write and execute scripts to verify database integrity of migrated
12.     Prepare all scripts for archiving,
13.     Prepare a migration report detailing the steps taken and the results
of the migration.

Thanks & Regards
Confab Systems, Inc

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