*This is a 6 month contract opportunity in Detroit Michigan. *

*  This is an immediate need and I can facilitate a phone screen tomorrow or
Monday. *

*Position Title:   Sun OpenSSO Federated Access Project and Integration with
Sun Identity Manager                        *

*Location:                  Dearborn/Detriot Michigan Area  *
*                          * *POSITION SUMMARY:*

*Looking for senior-level architect with proven project experience with Sun
Open SSO v8.0 and Sun Identity Manager 7.1 products. Sun Open SSO skills
must be extensive, with basic integration knowledge with Sun Identity
Manager. *

* *

*Customer requires Sun Open SSO 8.0 for Single-Sign-on for customer’s
service provider portal environment. Customer wishes to create a
hub-and-spoke federation model with its key service providers that will
achieve SSO for its multiple 3rd party operated services. *

* *

*In addition to installation and configuration activities, the candidate
must produce a solution architecture document with diagrams involving
software and hardware requirements to achieve the following objectives:*


*·        *Install and configure *Sun OpenSSO 8.0* for Single-Sign-ON (SSO)
in Dev.

*·        *Configure Sun Application Server 9.0 that is hosting Sun IdM 7.1
as participating app for Dev environment.

*·        *Install Directory Services v 6.3 in Dev environment.

*·        *Configure Apache, v 6.3, IIS, v 6.0 and Websphere 6.x in Dev to
simulate partner and intra company websites.

*·        *Assist with configuration of Apache, v 6.3, IIS, v 6.0 and
Websphere, v 6.x in Production.

*·        *Configure Sun OpenSSO 8.0 to work with Sun Identity Manager 7.1..

*·        *Configure Sun OpenSSO 8.0 agent on two additional websites so
that authenticated users can log in without specifying their passwords.

*·        *Configure Sun OpenSSO 8.0 agents such that if a user
authenticates on a first website, he/she can login to the second website
without providing access credentials.

*·        *Allow new users to enroll if the user is not found in the Access
manager and/or Identity manager user store. After successful enrollment,
allow users to access other protected websites.

*·        *Achieve the above result using Access manager agent for
intra-company websites and Identity federation for inter company (partner)
web sites.

·        Document all aspects of Sun OpenSSO 8.0* *with configuration
details that achieve the above objectives.

·        Security Assertions Markup Language is a plus


*Best Regards*

Nihaki Systems,Inc.
Tel:  732  823  6471*103*

*Cell: 856-457-4875**
Fax: 732 438  6973
Email: **ch...@nihaki.com* <ch...@nihaki.com>
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