Hello friends am looking for the – *Z/OS with **SMF / RMF data exp- Need
locals to  MD or Nearby*

*z/OS Position*

*Baltimore** MD***

*Face to face required*


My client is working with the Telecommunications branch of a large
government client which is responsible for the daily operation of government
entitie’s programmatic and business operations.  Our client has an immediate
need for a highly qualified Senior Information Technology Specialist with 12
or more years of experience in z/OS Performance Tuning, Technical Support,
or Systems Programming.

*Skill requirements*
This is a senior-level professional position.  Responsibilities are to
provide performance tuning recommendations to the customer, and assist with
other ‘ad-hoc’ performance / capacity projects.  This position is part of a
small team, but candidate must be self-directing.

Qualified candidates must have current, in-depth experience in computer
performance measurement, analysis, and tuning in a large datacenter running
multiple z10 computers under IBM’s z/OS Operating System.  Candidate must be
familiar with a multiple Parallel Sysplex, multiple LPAR environment.
Specific areas of required expertise are CPU resource management, including
all of the IBM specialty processors.  Candidate must be aware of current
industry trends and best practices, familiar with vendors’ problem reporting
processes, and able to research new problems to find workable fixes or

Candidate must be familiar with the collection, reporting and analysis of
SMF / RMF data.  Candidate must have experience navigating
capacity/performance monitoring software tools online, either through
TSO/ISPF or through Windows-based browser interfaces.  Candidate must have
experience with WorkLoad Manager (WLM), both setting policy and reporting.
Candidate must have experience with analysis of data from real-time z/OS
performance monitoring tools such as RMFmon and/or Tivoli / Omegamon;
historic reporting tools such as CA’s MICS (and the Q&R component), BMC’s
Visualizer, the native IBM post-processor reports.  Experience with
IntelliMagic’s RMFMagic tool is especially valuable.**

*Candidate must have experience with performance tuning of major mainframe
subsystems such as CICS, DB2, and WebSphere (WAS and WMQ).  Candidate must
have experience with performance tuning of I/O subsystems, especially with
DASD and Tape peripherals.***

Additional requirements are advanced* **SAS* programming skills to summarize
and report capacity/performance data.

Ability to navigate in a Windows workstation setting, plus knowledge of the
Microsoft office suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is expected.


*Best Regards*

Nihaki Systems,Inc.
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*Cell: 856-457-4875**
Fax: 732 438  6973
Email: **ch...@nihaki.com* <ch...@nihaki.com>
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