Hi Partners...!!!

I have a new req for a Technical Writer with required pharmaceutical
experience. The consultant mush have pharmaceutical evaluation
experience in order to be considered for this 6 - 12 month project.
Also, they will need to supply a writing sample of something such as
requirements documents. Please review the attached job description and
forward the resumes of any qualified candidates. Thanks in advance!

Technical Writer

Location: Groton CT

Duration: 6 - 12 months

Pharmaceutical validation experience is required! Also, pleas supply a
writing sample of something such as requirements documents.

* Develop and implement document standards consistent with the ELC
across the program and associated work streams
* Author required program and work stream documentation as agreed to
and outlined in the Deliverable Signature Matrix
* Manage the document review/approval cycle process to ensure all
appropriate team members are involved and a timely approval is
* As required, attend work stream meetings, product information
demonstrations, workshops, and technical meetings for initial
information gathering
* Contribute to and participate in any testing activities that are
identified by the work stream team
* Thoroughly understand and apply the ELC to contribute to work stream
compliance with all requirements
* Support the Project Manager at ELC checkpoints by ensuring that all
documentation prerequisites are met and electronic copies are posted
to the document repository within the specified timeframe
* Maintain the work stream Deliverable Signature Matrix
* Manage the document repository contents for assigned work stream(s)
* Maintain open communication and conduct peer review within the
Technical Writer group to ensure standardization and quality
deliverables across the program

Thanks- Nitin

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