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This is for my direct client opening for *Senior Developer - MS Reporting
Services - NJ*. This is a *6+ month’s contract* position. The Hourly rate is
*DOE. Local candidates only*.

*Project Description: **Level: Architect.*

B. Background Information (Descriptive requirements on a candidate.)

1. Project Description

The Global Tool for Acceptance and Continuance (GTAC) is in its final stages
of deployment internally.  It is an application that is used by
client-serving personnel globally in order to implement acceptance and
continuance policy in a consistent manner around the Firm.  The project is
moving into operational mode.  There are a number of planned releases in
order to support the evolving business needs over the next six months to a
year.  The project has currently undertaken an initiative to transition its
reporting design and toolset to Microsoft Reporting Services - Analysis
Services on SQL 2008 from its current-state Hyperion BI tool.

2. Please give a high level explanation of the application on which this
candidate would work.

The individual will be involved at the early stages of the re-architecture
and transition of the reporting component of GTAC.  Reporting will be
transitioned over to SQL2008, Microsoft Reporting Services (IS and AS).  The
individual may also be called upon to support the .NET development team in
another custom component product of the application.

3. Description of day to day tasks (please be as descriptive as possible)

Current day to day tasks will include the remediation (performance and
design) of current state reporting on Hyperion BI.  These tasks are
scheduled to focus on seven existing reports and continue through June.
Parallel tasks will focus on the design of the future state including the
new reporting architecture, creation of technical specifications,
development of the ETL process and reports, and support of the Quality
Assurance testing and User Acceptance testing of the transition state.

4. Description of technical environment (.NET, Oracle, Websphere, etc.)

.NET 2.0 on SQL2005 environment running Metastorm BPM (7.5) and Hyperion
report (9.2).  A third party vendor application (Metastorm) is at the core
of the application with a custom-developed .NET application used for
configuring questions and then rendering a questionnaire that is displayed
in Metastorm (eWork).   The application also has interfaces to local
countries for optional use, as well as interfaces to other global
applications -- the interfaces are XML, webservice, and pipe-delimited text
formats.  The future state reporting architecture will be built on SQL2008
using Microsoft Analysis Services and Integration Services.

C. Technical Skills  (Required technical skills of a candidate - VB, Lotus
Notes, PeopleSoft, etc. in order of priority)

1 Microsoft Reporting Services – 6 years, C#

2 ETL and Reporting Architecture- 7 years, Object Oriented Programming

3 Analysis Services- 8 years

4 SQL Server 2005 Database- 9 years

5 Web Services- 10 years

D. Soft Skills (including but not limited to Written, Verbal and
Presentation skills)

1 Analytical- 5 years

2 Verbal communications- 6 years

3 Written communications- 7 years

4 Teaming and working with remote users- 8 years

E. Desirable Skills (Skills that are desired but not required. i.e. nice to

1 SQL2008 – 4 years

*Note:  Competency Level = Superior or Strong or Moderate or Light*

F. Additional Information

1.  Desired Educational or Professional Candidate background? (i.e., BS
Comp. Science, MCSE, CCIE, etc.)

2.   Other Comments (include travel requirements, if any):

*Please complete the following skills-matrix and send back with your updated
resume.        *

Full Name:

Degree Major:

Total IT Experience:

Total *Senior Developer - MS Reporting Services *exp:

Total SQL 2008 exp:

Total C# exp:

Total ETL and Reporting Architecture exp:

Total Object Oriented Programming exp:

Total Analysis Services exp:

Total SQL Server 2005 Database exp:

Total Web Services exp:

Total SQL2008 exp:

Total .NET, Oracle, Websphere exp: please specify

Hourly Rate:

Day Phone #:

Evening Phone #:

Cell Phone #:


Current City/State:

Work Status (US Citizen / Green Card / Others):

Have you applied recently for this requirement earlier through any one else?

* If you qualify for this position, are available immediately and are
interested, please send your resume, rate and contact information to

*mailto:t...@beyondtekit.com?subject=senior Developer - MS Reporting Services
- NJ

* Please ensure you complete and copy/paste the above-completed matrix with
your response

*Thanks and Regards*
Tel: 714-857-2002 - Ext -819
Fax: 714-364-9705

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