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This is for my direct client opening for a Sr. Oracle DBA – Providence, RI.
This is long term contract and the rate is 50-55/hour C2C - Phone interview
followed by f2f interview. Candidate must base expense getting to interview.

Will provide three levels of support to our existing DBA regarding upgrading
from Oracle 9i to Oracle 10G for the CareTracker product line. These three
levels include 10G education and training, 10G implementation and testing of
the careTracker applications and 10G upgrade planning.

There are three areas for the Oracle contractor to address: Oracle 10g R2
Education, CareTracker running on an Oracle 10g R2 database, and Upgrading
current caretracker 9i database to 10g R2.  Each of these is discussed in
more detail below.

*Oracle 10g R2 Education
*Staff currently has experience with oracle 9i ( in a production
environment.  The database server is hosted on Windows Server 2003 R2
Enterprise Edition SP2.  The host has 16CPUs and 16GB RAM.  The database is
approximately 1TB in size.  Data is hosted on an EMC CX3-20 with many Raid
Groups and LUNs.  These are mounted as NTFS filesystems to the windows

The database is accessed via a single Oracle instance.  The instance is
configured to use AWE and is sized with a 10GB buffer cache.  Data guard is
used to provide four physical standby databases.  Three of these are local
(hosts accessed via a LAN from the primary host) and one is accessed via a
WAN at an off-site location.  One of the local standby databases is in
managed mode and actively applies the received archive logs.  The others
apply the logs during a maintenance window the early am hours.  The primary
database is online 24X7 with occasional offline maintenance scheduled as
needed during off-peak hours.  9i RAC has been explored but never put into

OEM is not used.  Database monitoring is performed using Quest Spotlight on
Oracle along with home-grown SQL “capture” scripts.  Quest Central aids in
database maintenance activities.

Given knowledge of the current database environment, one objective we be to
educate the staff on what Oracle 10g R2 brings to the table with special
focus on in the areas of scalability and management efficiencies.  Topics
involving the following will need to be covered:

-          64-bit: >4GB windows process size and > 16GB RAM access
-          RAC (is RAC required or just an option – Pros/Cons)
-          Grid and Grid Control
-          OEM
-          Adding nodes to cluster
-          Load balancing
-          Data guard and TAF

*CareTracker running on an Oracle 10g R2 database
*The following are all included in supporting the CareTracker application’s
access of the current 9i database:

-          ASP/VB6 via MSDAORA (i.e. Microsoft Data Access Provider for
Oracle) from both IIS web pages and DLLs
-          .net via the ‘Microsoft .NET Data provider for Oracle
-          Both 8i and 9i SQL*Net
-          MSDTC
-          ADO

Given the knowledge of the current application access methods, one objective
will be to determine what changes need to be implemented in the environment
and/or by the CareTracker applications to enable access of a 10g R2 version
of the database and to be production-ready.  Areas of concern might be:

-          Upgrading client-side SQL*Net
-          Upgrading client-side drivers to be those available from Oracle
rather than those available from Microsoft for Oracle
-          Scope of CareTracker application code changes required to
function properly in the 10g environment

*Upgrading current CareTracker 9i database to 10g R2
*Given the knowledge of the current database environment, one objective will
be to develop a plan of attack for the database and environment upgrade from
9i to 10g R2.  This objective will include the following:

-          Staging the upgrade in a test environment as many times as needed
to full-proof the process
-          Accounting for the effort involved in upgrading the data guard
servers in conjunction with the primary database
-          Accounting for the effort involved in upgrading the web servers
and other client hosts as needed
-          Fully understanding and minimizing primary database offline time
as much as possible

Please complete the following skills-matrix and send back with your updated

Full Name:
Degree Major:
Total IT Experience:
Total experience as Sr. Oracle DBA:
Total experience in oracle 9i ( in a production environment:
Total oracle 10G R2 experience:
Total experience in upgrading Oracle 9i to Oracle 10G:
Total experience in Windows Server 2003:
Total experience in RAC:
Total Grid and Grid Control experience:
Total OEM experience:
Total Load balancing experience:
Total Data guard and TAF experience:
Total ASP/VB6 via MSDAORA experience:
Total SQL*net experience:
Total ADO experience:
Hourly rate:
Is this rate W2 OR C2C?
Day Phone #:
Evening Phone #:
Cell Phone #:
Current City/State:
Work Status (US Citizen/Green Card/H1/other):
Have you applied recently for this requirement earlier through any one else?

*Thanks & Regards,*


 (* 714-857-2002 **x** **810*

7* 714-364-9705*



*IM: vinodth_beyondtekit*


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