Dear Partners,
I have the following immediate need:
Position: Java (JAX - WS 2.0) Developer
Length: 3 Months
This is remote position
Scope of Work
The following is a list of tasks (deliverables) that the Contractor shall complete at the direction of CSU's lead developer assigned to this project.
1. Insert Customer records from CSV files into Virtual Classroom databases.
2. Consume records from the Merlot REST service. These records will be exposed
into the existing Federated Web Service.
3. Build JAX-WS 2.0 and JAXB 2.0 Web Services from client source repositories
and expose these Web Services to Virtual Classroom applications.
4. Document JAX-RPC and JAX-WS 2.0 Web Services and train CSU Staff members on
how to create the services related to the Virtual Classroom.
5. Translate Lower Division Transfer Patterns into relational database schemas
and Java code sources. These design patterns will be used as the foundation to search and return logic from the Union Catalog repository.
6. Build ADF JSF 508 Accessible split panel interfaces to facilitate the movement
of PlayLists on the screen, representing units that can transfer to Universities Systems.
7. Move existing Virtual Classroom Web Services and Syllabus JSF applications
from Oracle JDeveloper 10g to 11g.
8. Performance test existing and new Virtual Classroom applications to project
scalability and performance issues.
9. Insert new subject matter types within the Federated Web Service. These new
subject parameters will be used to search on sub-categories within subject types.
10. Add PlayList labeling capabilities to the Syllabus Builder. Each user should
be able to save their Syllabus under a named label and this Syllabus will have a scope marked public or private under the authenticated user login.
11. Create ADF JSP pages for the upload and display of online learning content.
This content will be used to create specific subject matter content for online learning.
12. Build public facing ADF JSP faces to expose online learning content. This
content would focus more on HTML than Java.
13. Build a collection of reusable JAVA objects that can be used over and over
in many different applications.
14. Translate and apply 508 Accessibility requirements into Virtual Classroom
ZealTech Inc.
Phone:510.870.5025 * Cell: 510.449.5280 * Fax : 510.372.0571

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