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*Hi: Please send the matching resumes, rate and contact number for the below

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*IBM DataPower Consultant (CERTIFICATION MUST)*

*Location: Sacramento, CA*

*Duration: 6+ months*


Contractor will provide technical and professional services expertise in the
areas listed below:

1.    Provide one fully licensed DataPower XI50 appliance to be installed at
CLIENT’S. Assist CLIENT’S technical staff in installing this appliance in
the CLIENT’S network and setting it up with IP addresses.

2.    Provide a minimum of 320 hours of on-site DataPower technical support
and mentoring to CLIENT’S and DTS staff during the duration of the contract.
The support will cover not only the new DataPower appliance at CLIENT’S but
also two existing DataPower appliances at DTS.

3.    Provide training to CLIENT’S and DTS staff on how to administer and
use the DataPower appliance. This should include a total of approximately
160 hours of formal training classes for administrators and developers,
covering a full range of DataPower topics.

4. Based on industry best practices and an understanding of existing
CLIENT’S and DTS processes, present a DataPower Administration &
Implementation Plan that establishes roles and responsibilities for the
administration of DataPower appliances and the implementation of DataPower
services. This plan should include how services are developed in a
Development domain and migrated to Test and Production domains. The
consultant will lead CLIENT’S through the initial implementation of this

5. Based on industry best practices and an understanding of existing
CLIENT’S and DTS security policies, present a DataPower Security Plan that
documents how DataPower can be used to comply with existing security
policies. The consultant will help to configure the DataPower appliances
with the various security and cryptographic objects (e.g.

digital certificates) as needed to implement this plan.

6.Provide a DataPower for PCI Compliance Plan. This is a plan for using
DataPower to help CLIENT’S comply with the latest PCI requirements for the
protection of sensitive customer information. This plan should include the
use of a DataPower Web Application Firewall (WAF) and recommendations for
using DataPower to encrypt credit card information.

The consultant will lead in the implementation of the WAF but will not be
responsible for the implementation of the entire list of recommendations
presented in this plan.

7.Provide and implement a DataPower Monitoring and Logging Plan. This plan
will decide how DataPower's built-in monitoring and logging facilities will
be utilized to meet CLIENT’S and DTS needs for service monitoring and event
logging. The plan will decide what data will be logged and how long it will
be stored. Various options will be considered for storing log data, either
locally or remotely.

8.    Create a Web Service Proxy in DataPower for the current E-Gov web
applications mentioned previously, as well as for the International
Registration Plan (IRP) application and the Address Verification Service
(AVS), currently in development.  This service should include service-level
monitoring, schema validation, an SSL front-side handler, custom error
handling and device logging.

*Required Skills/Experience:*

(1) Certified  DataPower Specialist/SOA Architect - one (1) year of

(2) XML and XSLT programming expertise - two (2) years of experience

(3) JMS and MQ Messaging - two (2) years of experience

(4) Network Security/Authentication - two (2) years of experience

(5) Systems Analyst/programmer experience - two (2) years experience

(6) Mentoring/skill Transfer experience - two (2) years experience

(7) Project Management experience - two (2)  years experience* *


*Naresh Chowdary*




*|| Phone: 916 978 1057 Ext 301* *|| Efax: 603 719 0999 || Email: ** || Website: ** ||*

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