*must be local*

Title: Software Engineer
Location: Creve Coeur, MO
Length: 6 Months++

Requires experienced developer with experience writing high performance/soft
real time systems in C++ on a Windows platform. Must understand the balance
between OO purist design and less pure practices for performance. Would be
good to have more than basic understanding of good system engineering
practices. Exposure to code porting (32bit -> 64bit) and code refactoring
for design and performance enhancement. Will work in-hand with senior
developer as guide but will be expected to deliver without constant
supervision. Will re-factor, add functionality and create new utilities in
support of a data-collection infrastructure simplification and enhancement
Essential Day-to-Day Responsibilities:
C++ Software Development
Source Control (Subversion)
Interaction with various teams to gather requirements
Interaction with the QA team for regression and integration testing
Education: Comp-Sci BS or equiv

Required Skills (Must have):

C++ experience with software-real time systems (preferrably on Windows OS) -
3 years.
Visual Studio 2005 experience - 1 year
Experience developing Windows applications using Win32 API - 2 years.
Experience with enterprise source code and change management (preferrably
Subversion, CollabNet) - 3 years

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