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This is for my direct client opening for *Informatica contractor - St. Paul,
MN*. This is a *3 Months Contract* position. The Hourly rate is *DOE*. *Local
candidates highly preferred.*

*Project Description:  *

Client in need of a consultant for the following experience (must have
* *

-Upgrade Informatica from 8.1.1 Advanced Edition service pack 4 to 8.6.X
Advanced Edition with the latest service pack.

-This task would be completed by a contractor knowledgeable with the
Informatica product including PowerCenter and Informatica Data Quality.

*Tasks and Deliverables *

   1. Perform all pre-installation tasks.
      - Verify prerequisites, and insure our environment has all the minimum
      - Prepare the PowerCenter domain. This would include working with OET
      staff to assure quality backups of the current domain
configuration database
      and metadata configuration files are taken.
      - Prepare the PowerCenter repository for upgrade, including making a
      copy of the current repository.
      - Configure the environment variables.
   2. Install PowerCenter Services.
      - Run the installer to install PowerCenter Services.
   3. Complete all post-installation tasks
      - Review the prerequisites and verify database requirements, code page
      compatibility, web browser, and third-party software prerequisites.
      - Create repository database and user accounts
      - Configure environment variables.
   4. Upgrade PowerCenter.
      - List repositories
      - Upgrade the global repository
      - Upgrade the local repository
      - Upgrade the repository users and groups
   5. Complete post-upgrade tasks
      - Configure and enable Integration Services.
      - Move PowerCenter run-time files
      - Update service log directory
      - Configure Informatica Services
   6. Install and configure the PowerCenter client.
      - Install the PowerCenter client. This will be done with the installer
      for the PowerCenter client.
      - Create ODBC connections
   7. An examination of all external scripts will need to be done for
   changes from 8.1 to 8.6.
   8. New database schemas will need to be created.
   9. Training and knowledge transfer of new features.
   10. Submit weekly project reports to the project technical manager.

*Please complete the following skills-matrix and send back with your updated
resume.        *

Full Name:

Degree Major:

Total IT Experience:

Total Informatica contractor exp:

Total exp in Upgrading Informatica from 8.1.1 Advanced Edition service pack
4 to 8.6.X Advanced Edition:

Total exp with PowerCenter and Informatica Data Quality:

Total exp in Performing all pre-installation tasks as mentioned above:

Total exp in Installing PowerCenter Services:

Total exp in post-installation tasks:

Total exp in Installing and configuring the PowerCenter client:

Total exp in creating New database schemas:

Hourly Rate:

Day Phone #:

Evening Phone #:

Cell Phone #:


Current City/State:

Work Status (US Citizen / Green Card / Others):

Have you applied recently for this requirement earlier through any one else?

* If you qualify for this position, are available immediately and are
interested, please send your resume, rate and contact information to

*mailto:v...@beyondtekit.com?subject=informatica contractor - St.
Paul, MN 

* Please ensure you complete and copy/paste the above-completed matrix with
your response



*Tel: 714-857-2002 - Ext -815*

*Fax: 714-364-9705*
*v...@beyondtekit.com* <v...@beyondtekit.com>*

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