On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 11:21 AM, Dotan Cohen<dotanco...@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/6/25 Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenb...@gmail.com>:
>> Then the next question is how to show these special namespaces in the
>> interface. Should they be part of the index tree or should they have
>> their own tree. If so, should both trees be visible in the side pane,
>> should they be switchable ? etc.
> The templates most certainly should not be in the tree, no matter
> what! The trash could be in the tree, I suppose, but it should be
> distinguishable as a "special" branch. Maybe an icon, and having it at
> the bottom of the tree always.

For sure we need some kind of tree view for Trash, as it can contain a
sub-tree. With the proposal to have a separate side-pane view for this
it would have it's own tree, which may be more clearly separated from
the rest of the index.

> The templates would ideally be available when creating a new page. I
> do not understand Polish, so I do not understand what was in the
> screenshot, but a dropdown box with a choice of available templates
> would be intuitive. A template editor under the Tools menu would let
> the user create, delete, and edit templates. I do not think that
> templates should be available across Zim, but rather per notebook. For
> those who disagree, perhaps a checkbox for a Global option would help.
> All templates could be stored as a hidden Zim notebook, with some form
> of metadata to mention to which notebook they belong, or alternatively
> as global.

My first though was that templates would also require a tree, but I
realize this is not the case. The template list can be a flat list. In
that case a separate dialog to edit them is feasible. Still the editor
used would be the same as is used for "normal" pages. Would need some
progression on detaching an editor widget from the main application.

>> I can imagine to have a dropdown at the top of the side pane which
>> allows switching between "index" and "templates". Also "thrash" could
>> be in this dropdown as well as a view for "search". Alternatively this
>> could be done with vertical tabs along the side pane - but I feel that
>> might take up too much space.
> I don't really like this idea. It is inconsistent with other
> applications' behaviour and sounds intrusive.

I see a lot of KDE application that either use a dropdown or vertical
tabs to switch views in a side pane. Maybe templates do not belong in
there, but search for sure is there for many applications, and thrash
also seems to fit nicely there.

All in all the full implementation is getting much more complex than
the original proposal from Vlastimil. Someone would need to invest
time to make it happen - preferably on the python code tree. At the
moment I'm struggling to get that project back on target - so zero
space in my planning at this moment.



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