Dotan, you're right. I like zim a hell of a lot more than this tomboy,
but if there's a discussion about not depending on mono, then we should
go promote zim.

  In short:
* tomboy doesn't have any feature that zim hasn't (ok, it has one: you
can choose text size)

* zim has a lot of useful features that tomboy hasn't (subfolders,
backlinks, an equation editor, a calendar, a TODO list, embedded images,
screen captures, version control)

* tomboy has some annoying bits (turn a word into a link and it will be
a link forever, you cannot choose your favourite applications for
opening links, the toolbar is less useful, the HIG way of changing
shortcuts doesn't work...)

* however, tomboy works right out of the box, while the first screen of
zim, asking to configure a notebook, requires some thinking. It's not
easy to understand what's the Domuent Root, or how you want to use the
notebooks before yuou know what the application is for. Some casual
users might decide not to try the application. However, once the first
notebook is working, anyone can learn most of zim without reading a
manual. I'd even say it's easier than tomboy, because the toolbar has
more of the good staff.


Dotan Cohen escribió:
> I have not used the Tomboy software, but it appears to be "a personal
> wiki" which is just Zim's niche. Is anyone familiar with this
> software? Where does it lack compared to Zim? What features does it
> have that Zim is missing?
> Zim can be marketed at "the Tomboy alternative" if it is done right. Start 
> here:

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