Hi all,

Thanks for the nice discussion, although the topic sounds a bit like flame-bait... It is not my intention to compete with other project for competition sake - believe me if there is a project out there that satisfies my needs I will be glad to use their code instead of my ow. Would save a heck of a lot of time for me..

Pablo Angulo wrote:
* however, tomboy works right out of the box, while the first screen of
zim, asking to configure a notebook, requires some thinking. It's not
easy to understand what's the Domuent Root, or how you want to use the
notebooks before yuou know what the application is for. Some casual
users might decide not to try the application. However, once the first
notebook is working, anyone can learn most of zim without reading a
manual. I'd even say it's easier than tomboy, because the toolbar has
more of the good staff.

I think this is a good one. Anyone feel like designing a wizard (or "assistant" in gtk jargon) for first time users ? It should just explain what a notebook is and ask for the location to store notes and other properties with some meaningful defaults or select an existing notebook.

After creating the first one, the "open another notebook" menu item would still trigger the current dialog. But the "add" button in that dialog could trigger the wizard again.

Beni Cherniavsky wrote:
Just now noticed an important one: tomboy automatically turns any text
that is a name of a note into a link!  This removes some flexibility
but makes linking much simpler to understand and easier to manage.
Could we have it in Zim?

In fact we had it some time back as an experimental feature (hidden option to enable). Technically it is still in there, but haven't been tested for ages. In short I did not get any more request for this feature after the first hack at it.

Would not be that hard to implement as a plugin that functions as a filter when loading a page. Just list pages in the same namespace, match those names in the page and create a link. Only thing is that links update different when moving / deleting a page - but that does not have to be a problem.

Not top of my list, but if anyone wants to work on it let me know.



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