> I agree with Jaap about data directory being not hidden.

Very good, I make an excellent minority!

> One more reason, which partially answers Dotan's point:
> - zim pages are plain text files, which can be manipulated by other programs
> or scripts.

So are email files plain text files. However, Zim files are not in any
standard format. While you can open a Zim file and edit it in VI, or
process it with a script, no other application supports the Zim
format. Some wiki-based systems come close, but none support the
specific Zim format.

In any case, users advanced enough to script or want to hand-edit the
Zim files can find them in a hidden directory. There is nothing that
Joe Idiot User can do with the Zim files once he clicks his way over
there. Actually, he might just as well erase these files that he never
uses to save space! Have you never heard of the user who deletes
C:/windows to free up some space? I've actually seen it happen!

> See one unusual test case attached: a shell script that adds a list item to
> current days page. Usage:
> $ ./my.log "Hi, this is a test"

And you cannot do that if the Zim files are in a hidden directory?

There is no use case for showing the files to the non-techsavy user.
Nor one for showing the files to the techsavy user, for that matter.

Dotan Cohen


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