Pablo Angulo wrote:
  In my process of learning python + gtk, I've created a zim mock up to
try out a concept. The idea is to make creation of notes a bit faster,
to achieve mind-map speed, but keeping the current treeview used in zim.
This is how it works:

  * Use arrows to move in the treeview, enter to select a note and
control+space to switch to the editor and back, as usual
  * Use alt+arrows to create notes within the TreeView, using the
editable property of this widget. (alt+left for children, alt+down for
  * When there are children of the Template folder, if a new note is
created, you might type the template name and hit enter. Then the text
from the template is copied to the new note, and the cell will become
editable one more time so that you can introduce the real name of this note.

Hmm, interesting idea. Indeed it speeds up creation of new nodes and makes zim feel more like an outliner - as it should feel. And bonus points for attaching a running demo !

The enhanced key bindings could be implemented in zim relatively easily. You might want to have a go hacking this in the pyzim port.

The template part need a little bit more work as we need a proper place to store templates. But just using a namespace is ok for a prototype. (OK, the custom treemodel looks scary, but just adding a new page to the index should make it show up in the tree.)

Two questions though:
1) Can we use different key-bindings ?

Reason for asking is that the Alt + arrow combos are in use for navigation already. How about Ctrl + arrow ?

2) Can we keep the templates but not have the double editing step.

Reason is that I feel this will be real confusing behavior if you do not expect it. Also you might accidentally have a page of the same name as a template and have a conflict.

My suggestion would be to use some syntax like "tempalte: pagename" to create a page from a template. E.g. typing "book: Snowcrash" would create a page "Snowcrash" using the template "book".

Any comments ?



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