Brendan Kidwell wrote:
Now, I don't know much about Python programming (yet), so before I get
lost, can I just ask, is it SUPPOSED to work now, if I try to run at the command prompt? Did I do something wrong, or are you
still in the component-building stage and I can't just launch the app
as if I was a user?

Thanks a lot for looking into this! Sure it is *supposed* to work ;) Seems you found a bug I was unaware of, see below for the fix. If you give a directory path as argument you will not see this bug.

Some known issues in the editor keybindings for bullets list etc. remaining. Apart from that everything that is in should also work. Plan is to release a second alpha version next week, which will be the point where I will start to use this branch for my day to day work.



=== modified file 'zim/gui/'
--- zim/gui/    2009-07-09 21:31:34 +0000
+++ zim/gui/    2009-07-10 16:32:16 +0000
@@ -1299,7 +1299,7 @@

-        if isinstance(ui, NotebookInterface):
+        if isinstance(ui, NotebookInterface) and ui.uistate:
            key = self.__class__.__name__
            self.uistate = ui.uistate[key]
            #~ print '>>', self.uistate

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