Dear all,

Today I uploaded an "alpha2" snapshot to the server. This means I'm
now almost 2 months behind my planned release schedule. Of course I
have plenty of good excuses for that, but I will spare you those. The
upside is that I'm catching up on the planning for the beta1 release,
which is only 1 month overdue by now :S  Anyway, I still plan to have
some showcase ready in time for Hackers At Random (August 13-16,
somewhere in the Netherlands) - btw. if anyone of you is going there
and interested in doing a BoF, drop me a line.

Ok, so what is in this alpha2 release?

First thing to warn you about is that this being an _alpha_ release it
is not production ready yet. So always backup your data before testing
this version on your notebooks.

See links [1] for the list with open issues and defects.

But there is also a number of long standing issues in the stable
release that are fixed in this release :) - to name some:

* Wrapped lines in bullet lists are indented properly
* Moving a page also moves sub-pages and attachments
* Deleting a page also deletes sub-pages and attachments
* Added a web-based interface to read zim notebooks

The full list can be found here:

So, how can you help?

Have a loot at the launchpad translation page - link [3] - and help
translating zim into your language of choice

Artists and other people who like pretty colors:
Have a look at our custom icons (linkmap / calendar / task list /
attachments / ..) and see if you can improve them
Also have a look at the HTML templates and CSS stylesheets and improve
them - anyone feels like adding some bling to the web frontend ?

Testers and other people wanting to try it out:
Fetch the code, run it and tell me what doesn't work as expected. You
can either download from link [4] or fetch the development branch
using "bzr branch lp:zim/pyzim". Please _do_ check the taks list [1]
for known issues before reporting.

Coders and other people dabbling with python:
Work is coming along slower than I hoped, so I could really use some
help implementing some of the missing features. If you think about
hacking at zim, this is the time to step in. Although there are quite
some tasks to do, the framework is all set up and most tasks are
nicely localized in one of the modules. Drop me a line if you need
some hints where to start.


Well, that's all, enjoy the snapshot!


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