I am experimenting with the calendar to capture daily work in a
different way than I have been doing so far. During this process I
discovered something that I wanted to check out the intended
functionality of.

I have a task list tree:

+ do this
+ do that
+ do something else

I then open the calendar on today and write some text and pull the
link "do this" into the calendar text window with the mouse. A link is
automatically generated and I continue writing about "do this". Now if
I click on tasks:do_this, Zim takes me to the page
+ 2009
+  07
+    tasks
+      do_this

Which is obviously not what I want. I right-click on the dragged link
in the calendar view and discover that a leading : is missing. If I
insert that : manually, then a click on the dragged link will take me
to the original page
+ do this.

The backlinks also work as expected. I found in the first case that I
didn't have any backlinks from
+ do this
into the calendar so that's the way I discovered that something is not
working as expected.

I am hoping to get a better handle on todays work combined with a
possibility to get a proper time line of all efforts done on a
specific task. The manual insertion of : in a drag-dropped link is not
a big hassle, but the question is: Is this a bug or is it a feature?

Kind regards,

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