Svenn Are Bjerkem wrote:
while experimenting with use of the calendar, I inserted some
checkboxes into calendar pages. Would it be much work to fill in the
date field in the todo dialog with the date of the calendar page? The
field is otherwise empty if I do not care to set a date in the line
(normally I set the date of the day when I entered the todo item, not
a due date) and sorting on date then leaves a lot of things out of

Not a bad suggestion, but maybe a bit tricky to implement cleanly. Please open a feature request to remind me later. The TODOList plugin is not yet implemented in python, so could take it as input for that one.

I also wonder if there is a search function for checkbox items that
have been X'ed out or lines tagged with DONE or TODO lines with
strike. For weekly reports it is also nice to see which things have
actually been done since last report.

Also a good suggestion.



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