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> On Mon, 7 Jun 2010 14:58:57 +0300
> Dotan Cohen <dotanco...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> It seems to me that the term wiki refers to the interlinked-pages, not
>> to the markup involved. Note that the word "wiki" means "quick" in the
>> Hawai'ian language, and it refers to the ease of editing the content.
> Why would you want to be "slow" for the markup? It seems to me, wiki is most 
> adequately understood as "simplified markup"; markup being links and 
> formatting.

I may not have been clear. The word "wiki" is means "quick" in
Hawai'ian, the name was used in software to refer to stores of data
that could be edited quickly. A distinguishing feature of those stores
was the links, and the term "wiki" is now generally understood (in the
sense of desktop software) to mean stores of data with in-page links.
Online, however, the term "wiki" still means "quick to edit".

>> The issue is not limited to pasting. Typing will trigger the effect as
>> well, therefore in my opinion the setting should operate from the
>> assumption that the user is typing, and should treat pasted text just
>> as if it were typed in.
> That is exactly what happens right now, isn't it? And as Jaap said and you
> agreed, typed wiki markup will always be parsed (rather than printed as-is).
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to suggest contradicting requirements.

I am suggesting contradicting behaviour in that I would prefer [] and
* at the beginning of a line to be parsed as a list, but that I would
prefer other "wiki markup" to be ignored. That is why I suggest that
each type be configurable: each user has different needs. My workflow
_needs_ the lists, yet my workflow _demands_ that other text not be

Dotan Cohen


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