On 8 June 2010 14:40, Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenb...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Yes, but you didn't answer my main design question: when should zim
> automatically escape data and when should it assume the user is
> wanting to input wiki text ?

When the user tells it so! That would be when the user presses the
"automatically parse formatting" button or activates the keyboard

> As stated before we can disable all use of wiki syntax in the editor,
> but than we loose a feature I know is used a lot by specific users.

By "wiki syntax" I assume that you mean parsing **for**
__formatting__? I agree, it would be terrible to loose that. That is
why a toggle would solve most use cases. I personally would suggest
allowing fine-grain control of what to parse and what not, as I am a
heavy list user, but don't use anything else other than headings
(keyboard shortcut) generally. Zim already lets the user
enable/disable CaMeLcAsE and turning file paths into links, this is
the natural extension of that.

> If the concern is only about pasting data we can solve that by a
> special paste command as discussed before. If the concern applies to
> all editing, it is much more difficult to get it right.

Yes, it is all editing. Although I often paste code, I do edit it in place.

> I'm not unwilling to add a way to escape wiki syntax. But I would like
> to come to a good design decision how this should work and when it
> should be applied.

Of course. I would rather this wait another 20 revisions and get done
right, rather than rush a bad design decision into 0.48.

How about just embedding an OpenOffice.org Writer window in the text
pane and be done with it!

> Btw. zim does in fact have some semantic features, it was designed to
> more semantic than just markup, and if anything I wish to improve on
> that. For example the search function does rate text in a heading
> higher than text in a normal paragraph. Another example is that when
> exporting the headings can be adjusted automatically to make sure the
> levels are properly nested.

I know, that is why I used the word "currently".

Dotan Cohen


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