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Dotan Cohen <dotanco...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree, I never suggested that the ability to paste formatted text be
> taken away. Rather, I suggested an option that Zim not parse the
> litteral characters of the paste as so-called "wiki markup". Paste
> buld text from OOo or Firefox into Zim, have it be bold. But paste
> __pythoncode___ and don't parse that into an underline.

Oh yes, parse that into underline! Well, after one of Jaaps latest
mails, it seems we will have both in the long run anyway.

> Firthermore, do you really need the ability to type **text**? What is
> wrong with {Ctrl-B}text{Ctrl-B}? Wikimarkup ws invented to work around
> the fact that one could not type rich text into an HTML textarea in a
> web browser in 2001. Zim and other local GTK apps do not have this
> limitation.

I'm used to typing markup. For everything too "serious" to use Zim for
(because I need to publish it later), I use LaTeX and I type the markup
there as well. I prefer "stateless" editing: I don't care in what mode
(bold, italic, whatever) the editor is. 

I don't see how the original reason for the inventation of
wiki-markup limits its usefullness today. And I vaguely remember you
critisising the "my way or the highway" approach a few days ago. Why
apply it here?

Fabian Moser

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