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schrieb Dotan Cohen <>:
> However, that means that __ is unambiguous. If the user needs to enter
> __ for whatever reason, then he has to worry if another one was added
> earlier?

Yes. That's why wiki markup usually relies on character combinations
that don't appear in common text. That way the worry is minimised. :)

> If there was a better way to word it so that it will be clear that I
> am asking a serious question and not merely expressing doubt, then I'd
> love to know!

Although off-topic, I'll give it a try by explaining my wording
"policy". First, your phrasing was

"Do you really need the ability to type **text**? What is
wrong with {Ctrl-B}text{Ctrl-B}?"

The "really" is one of the reasons that I understood this as a doubt.
Moreover, you are repeating me (I said that I used **text**) in a
question. This by itself expresses disagreement and has a taste of
ignorance. By the second question you seem to imply that I said
something would be wrong with {Ctrl-B}, which I never did.

If you want to say, that you prefer {Ctrl-B} over **, you could write:

"In my opinion, {Ctrl-B}text{Ctrl-B} is preferable to **text**,
because ..."

Hope that helps, Cheers!

Fabian Moser

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