On 14 June 2010 21:25, Fabian Moser <e-m...@fabianmoser.at> wrote:
> Although off-topic, I'll give it a try by explaining my wording
> "policy". First, your phrasing was
> "Do you really need the ability to type **text**? What is
> wrong with {Ctrl-B}text{Ctrl-B}?"
> The "really" is one of the reasons that I understood this as a doubt.
> Moreover, you are repeating me (I said that I used **text**) in a
> question. This by itself expresses disagreement and has a taste of
> ignorance. By the second question you seem to imply that I said
> something would be wrong with {Ctrl-B}, which I never did.
> If you want to say, that you prefer {Ctrl-B} over **, you could write:
> "In my opinion, {Ctrl-B}text{Ctrl-B} is preferable to **text**,
> because ..."
> Hope that helps, Cheers!

I understand, Fabian, thanks. Although it is off-topic, I will ask
only because it will help me communicate better in the future. My
intention was not to say:
"In my opinion, {Ctrl-B}text{Ctrl-B} is preferable to **text**, because ..."

But rather to really ask if {Ctrl-B} is an acceptable replacement for
**, and if not then why not. Since plainly asking is interpreted as
expressing doubt, how does one phrase the question? Again, I ask only
to improve my communication skills. I have been participating on
Linux-related mailing lists and bug trackers in English for about five
years and it's about time that I learn this! In my native language
there is no problem with asking such questions, it is obvious that it
is a question being asked and not doubt being expressed. No doubt that
is why my countrymen are considered rude!

Dotan Cohen


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