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[I realize that I'm really hammering the mailing list these days... sorry!]

Hi people,
I am trying to customize better my Zim experience, and I was trying to
change the app called on directory links: I'd prefer konqueror, for example,
or also a terminal with Midnight Commander - why not?
I discovered instead that I'm stuck with one choice only (File Browser:
default(xdg)), which launches Dolphin - which I hate.
How to customize it? I remember you that I work on KDE...
Next version of zim will have a dialog there to add an application.

For now you can only add applications by adding a .desktop file in
share/zim/applications. Check the files that are there for an example.



thank you Jaap!
I see that:

# cat xdg-open.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Default (xdg)

So it would suffice to change it so:

check, works! Thank you...
(better a dialog anyway...)



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