Dear all,

I just uploaded version 0.51 of zim to the website. This release adds quite
a few interesting new features, most importantly the support for tags as
developed by Fabian - I know quite a few of you have been waiting for this a
long time - and also there is now support for the system Trash can, there is
a plugin to work with GNUplot and more improvements. See the full changelog
below for the details. Thanks to all the contributors and translators.

Unfortunately there were some irritating bugs in the last version, which
proves to me that I need to spend more time on test coverage. So in the next
release cycle I will focus on adding more test cases to cover all the
interface functions. Also, as announced before, I will start merging the
work on embedded objects and page templates.



=== 0.51 - Tue 19 Apr 2011 ===
* Fixed critical bug with resizing images - Stefan Muthers
* Fixed bug preventing resizing of text entries in dialogs
* Fixed bug disabling auto-completion for page names in dialogs
* Fix so cancelling the preferences dialog will also reset plugins
  - Lisa Vitolo
* Fix to switch sensitivity of items in the Edit menu on cursor position
  - Konstantin Baierer
* Fix to handle case where document_root is inside notebook folder
  - Jiří Janoušek
* Fixed support for interwiki links in export
* Fixed "Link Map" plugin to actually support clicking on page names in the
* Fixed copy pasting to use plain text by default for external applications
  added preference to revert to old behavior
* Disable <Alt><Space> keybinding due to conflicts with internationalization
  added hidden preference to get it back if desired
* Added support for organizing pages by tags - Fabian Moser
* Added feature to zoom font size of the page view on <Ctrl>+ / <Ctrl>-
  - Konstantin Baierer
* Added support for system Trash (using gio if available)
* Added Calendar widget to the "Insert Date" dialog
* Added plugin to sort selected lines - NorfCran
* Added plugin for GNUplot plots - Alessandro Magni
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