Dear M. Karssenberg

Better and better -
Li-aung Yip ('Lewis') already explained about
   Edit > Preferences >  Interface > Use custom font
which worked out of the box.

I was wondering what to do with the side pane
when your email came in

Kind regards from Brussel  Belgiƫ
Richard H

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Hello Richard,

I believe the 0.28 version already has a button in the preferences dialog to
set a custom font for the editor. But this is limited to the main area of
the window.

In case you want to change the font of all other text (e.g. side pane,
window border, dialgos etc. etc.) you might want to check the gtk theme.
This can be modified by the "gtkrc" config file. This is not specific for
zim but works the same for all Gtk applications. I found this link with an
example to set a font:
FAQ also has an entry on where to find this gtkrc file).

You definitely do not want to modify Gtk2/ directly, this is a
library file, not a config file.

Hoop dat dit je verder helpt,


On Fri, May 6, 2011 at 8:51 AM, rch <> wrote:

I'm (still) using Zim 0.28 (Perl version) in WinXP

The small size of font is increasingly tiring on my eyes (b. 1940)

I've tried fiddling with the values of
   use constant PANGO_WEIGHT_HEAVY
   use constant PANGO_SCALE
in C:/Perl/site/lib/Gtk2/
- no joy

AS you can tell, I dont really know what I am doing
Your help much appreciated

Richard H
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