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> I've recently started syncing one of my Zim wiki's between two machines via
> SpiderOak (cloud storage). I thought everything was working fine, but I've
> now found a page which is "missing" from the Index view. The files are
> there, and I can navigate to the page using *Jump To* etc.
> I tried using the menu option *Tools ==> Rebuild Index*, but that didn't
> work.
> However, running *zim --index -V *did the trick and the pages were visible
> again.
> Two questions. What is the Rebuild Index menu option supposed to do? I
> assumed it would be the same as running the --index option, but this is the
> 2nd time I've learned they're not the same.

The difference is that --index really drops the whole database and rebuilds
it from scratch. The "Rebuild Index" on the other hand checks modification
times and only re-indexes pages / folders that have changed since the last
index check (this is also done automatically when opening a notebook).
Obvious reason is that the second method is much faster.

In theory the effect of both methods should be the same, if it is not that
means the way we check modification times has a bug ((assuming for a moment
that the syncing doesn't do any dirty tricks to set modification times back
after syncing)). Stefan was having similar problems, which we still need to
look into further, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/704167 .

If you have a scenario that reproduces it please put it in a bug report (or
in the existing report) and I'll try fixing it.

> Second is not so much as question as a comment. At first the --index wasn't
> working. I have mutiple Notebooks and did not have a default notebook
> specified. In this case you get the following error:

Maybe you put this in a bug report ? Clearly it should give a usage message
telling that current folder is not a notebook folder.


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