Hi Jaap,

I got this assertion exception, but I don't know if it is of any importance:

DEBUG: Action: show_task_list
DEBUG: Opening dialog "Task List - Zim"
DEBUG: Closed dialog "Task List"
INFO: Open page: <FileStorePage: Archivo> (<IndexPath: Archivo>)
DEBUG: Wrote /home/user/GTD/.zim/state.conf
DEBUG: Saving page (async): <FileStorePage: Archivo>
DEBUG: Wrote /home/user/GTD/Archivo.txt
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/user/zim-0.52/zim/gui/pageview.py", line 3134, in 
    tree = self.buffer.get_parsetree(bounds, raw=True)
  File "/home/user/zim-0.52/zim/gui/pageview.py", line 1512, in get_parsetree
    set_tags(iter, filter(_is_zim_tag, iter.get_tags()))
  File "/home/user/zim-0.52/zim/gui/pageview.py", line 1485, in set_tags
    assert attrib['name'], 'Tags should have a name'
AssertionError: Tags should have a name
DEBUG: Saving page (async): <FileStorePage: Archivo>
DEBUG: Wrote /home/user/GTD/Archivo.txt

I get another one with my patch for Bug 791518 if the index has to be rebuilt, 
but there seems to be no ill effects:

INFO: Starting background index update
INFO: No VCS detected
INFO: Open page: <FileStorePage: Calendar:2011:06:01> (<HistoryPath: 
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/user/zim-0.52/zim/gui/pageindex.py", line 637, in on_open_page
    self.treeview.select_page(path, vivificate=True)
  File "/home/user/zim-0.52/zim/gui/pageindex.py", line 564, in select_page
    treepath = self.select_page(path)
  File "/home/user/zim-0.52/zim/gui/pageindex.py", line 559, in select_page
    treepath = model.get_treepath(path)
  File "/home/user/zim-0.52/zim/gui/pageindex.py", line 261, in get_treepath
    assert isinstance(path, Path)
DEBUG: Wrote /home/user/.config/zim/preferences.conf
INFO: Accelerator changed for <Actions>/CalendarPlugin/show_calendar
DEBUG: Commiting...
INFO: Index update done

Don't see the world through a window, be open{source}minded, and be free :-)

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