Thanks Michael - deleting the .zim folder worked and I am back up!  I was 
afraid to do it for fear of breaking something...

  I will enter a bug ticket on the other problem...

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06/02/2011 03:38 PM


Re: [Zim-wiki] Request for Help on resolving a Zim error...

Hi there,

deleting the .zim folder is no problem. I sync between different machines 
using git and have the .zim folder in my .gitignore file. Obviously I end 
up with outdated .zim folders this way. However I can simply delete the 
whole .zim folder and do "Tools -> Re-build Index" and everything gets 

See for details 
about this way to sync.

I would welcome some better solution (regarding the .zim folder) -- 
perhaps Jaap can suggest something.

I cannot reproduce your problem with links on Linux however. It works as 
intended. You should probably file a new bug on launchpad at

Best Regrads

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