Thanks a lot, Brendan.

As a Windows user, I really appreciate your work.

Just a quick note: on the table
reads: "download 12MB", but the installer weighs about 21MB. Perhaps
it's a typo. I'm letting you know this, because the size difference
might confuse some users.

Kind regards

Marco Cevoli

On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 00:34, Brendan Kidwell <> wrote:
> The Windows builds of Zim 0.53 are ready to download. Thanks to Jaap and all
> other contributors for their hard work.
> The Desktop Installer creates Start Menu shortcuts and shell launch
> integration for .zim files. The new Portable Installer based on
>'s toolchain creates no system-wide footprint and runs
> entirely from its installed folder. If you want to keep the executable on a
> thumbdrive or a network share, use the Portable version.
> If you installed a prerelease build of 0.53 for Windows, please reinstall
> from one of the installers published today!
> A note about the tools: While I did use's
> toolchain to build the portable installer (and save myself a lot of
> experimentation), I have not yet submitted the application to
> Surprisingly, there is no simple "submit a new
> application" form. You're expected to join the community, do the usual
> lurking, post a forum message in the "Beta releases" forum, and then hope
> that one of the catalog maintainers will pick up your project after people
> post positive comments. I suppose I can understand why they'd do it this
> way, but I expected something more like Freshmeat's workflow. Oh well. I'll
> be starting that process this week and if it ever goes anywhere I'll let you
> all know.
> Brendan Kidwell
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