Glad to hear of someone else using the todo features of Zim wiki. Currently, 
there is no way to add alarm notification for the todo list items. Zim wiki is 
not a full blown todo list manager. Of course, a strength for Zim wiki is the 
free form way in which you can enter and format information in your todo lists. 
I personally love Zim wiki for its list keeping features even though it lacks 
other features of some specialized todo list managers. Since I can keep all 
sorts of information in Zim wiki I don't have to open a separate todo list 
program and a separate note program and a separate document creation program 
because Zim can handle all of those tasks in one.

You can check off todo items, with either a green check mark or a red "x" but 
if you want them to disappear or be moved to a completed list, that needs to be 
done with a cut/paste operation. I use the "Task List" dialog to quickly 
navigate to a todo list item so that I can check it off. I would encourage you 
to read the section in the help file under "Usage", "Getting Things Done" to 
get some ideas of how to use the todo list feature of Zim wiki.

Perhaps one other thing would help you out. For alarms and automatic 
notifications, I use Google Calendar because alarms and notifications are 
usually for appointments not for specific todo items. In my office I need to 
use Google Calendar anyway so that my administrative assistant knows when I'm 
busy or free and to keep track of all of my appointments. Usually my todo lists 
are "action items" which are not as time sensitive as appointments. If I do 
have "action items" that are more time sensitive, I create a sub-page under my 
"Projects" page that is formatted like this "10-18-2011 Meeting". I put all of 
my "action items" for that time sensitive meeting on that sub-page then by 
looking at all of the sub-pages under "Projects" I can simply click on the most 
time sensitive "action item" list and get those done. If something is really 
important that I need to get done before the end of the day, I add an "!" to 
the task and the Task List dialog sees that as
 a priority "1" item and moves it to the top of my list. Also I can see the 
page that "action item" is on in the Task List dialog which is another reminder 
that I need to get that item done for a meeting that I have on 10-18-2011.

I hope that helps. Everyone's workflow is different, but I have found Zim 
wiki's open and free flowing design makes it a valuable tool that can fit in 
well with the work flow of lots of different people. Also, since everything in 
Zim is saved as a plain text file, you never have to worry about loosing your 
lists or your data if Zim stops working on your computer, because you will 
always be able to find a text editor that can open those Zim files.
| Steve |
|      |

From: Pascal Legrand <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 7:51 AM
Subject: [Zim-wiki] about todo list


is there a way to add alarm notification for the todo list and is it possible to
modify the Check Boxes state once the task is done ?



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