We have had this discussion before. I'm not against changing the extension
for zim notes, but only on the condition that we have a clear file
extension. The ".note" suggested above is something I would consider as it
is human readable - but not sure if we can use that if it is already in use
by Tomboy.

Suggestions I rejected i nthe past include ".zim" - which is used for the
notebook config, ".wiki" as being to generic (although I might reconsider
that one) and more cryptic combinations like "zwk" for zim-wiki etc.



On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 3:53 AM, Michael Mulqueen <>wrote:

> Hi Marcel and Svenn,
> Obviously Jaap will have to decide as it's his project. But I'd be
> very much in favour of using a different file extension for zim's
> files. I see only benefits. We gain the ability to do a fast mimetype
> determination and with it the ability to integrate into things like
> Zeitgeist. It won't change the ability to open zim files in a plain
> text editor such as vim or gedit. In fact, if anyone needs this, all
> they need to do is change the default program for the mimetype (which
> is easily done from Nautilus) or access from the open dialogue of the
> program. I note that the mime file for zim describes zim's format as a
> subset of plain text, so you would hope that anything that struggled
> with the idea of text/x-zim-wiki would see text/plain and treat it as
> such.
> I can't remember for sure, but I seem to recall older versions of zim
> (perhaps even back to the Perl Zim) not having the current header
> information etc. that they do. Perhaps Jaap could confirm whether I'm
> imagining this or not. In those days, it would obviously make sense
> for them to be referred to as plain text, because that's actually all
> they were. Now it's closer to file format in its own right.
> Regards,
> Mike
> On Sun, Dec 4, 2011 at 10:09 PM, Svenn Are Bjerkem
> <> wrote:
> > On 4 December 2011 22:49, Marcel Stimberg
> > <> wrote:
> >> Hi Michael,
> >> I think there are two solutions to this problem:
> >> * Register the .txt extension for the text/x-zim-wiki mime type --
> >> this has the small disadvantage that for all .txt files, a time-costly
> >> (relatively speaking) content lookup has to be performed
> >> * Use a different extension for zim notes (e.g. Tomboy uses .note)
> >>
> >> Any thoughts on this?
> >
> > I really would like to see zim accept that .txt files are pure text
> > files and not supposed to be interpreted. Maybe making the extension
> > configurable in the notebook.zim file? Using 'find' or 'locate' in
> > unix looking for files with ending .txt seldom show me only my zim
> > notebook pages.
> >
> > --
> > Svenn
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