Yes Brian, I also use headings and the ToC plugin. There would be one
main advantage of linking to an anchor on the same page: to avoid
duplication of information.

A counter-argument might be: if one page gets large enough to require
local links, then perhaps it should be broken up into multiple pages.
As a new Zim user, one reason I posted here to the mailing list was to
get feedback on the pros and cons of anchors as a possible feature.

There is another rationale in support of intra-page anchors: there is
strong interest in folding, which indicates that relatively large
pages may be used to advantage.


On 11/24/12, Brian Allen Vanderburg II <> wrote:
> I've been interested in such a feature, though for now I just use
> headings in the wiki pages and use the Table of Contents plugin.  It
> would be nice to link to a specific anchor point on a page from another
> page though.
> Brian Vanderburg II
> On 11/24/2012 11:01 PM, jayseye wrote:
>> John -
>> As a fairly new Zim user, perhaps it's just that I've yet to discover
>> how to create an Anchor. Have already looked very thoroughly, though,
>> before asking here.
>> Good to hear that there is interest in the feature. If you do find an
>> existing way to create an anchor, please let me know! Thanks.
>> Regards,
>> Marc Paul Rubin
>> "jayseye"
>> On 11/24/12, John Geoffrey <XXX@XXXXX> wrote:
>>> oh? that doesn't work yet? I was thinking about trying out if that works
>>> somehow for months. Yes, I'd be interested.
>>> On 25 November 2012 04:04, jayseye <XXX@XXXXX> wrote:
>>>> An "anchor" allows linking to a specific place (target) on a page.  If
>>>> Zim supported anchors, you could link to an anchor on the same page,
>>>> or to an anchor on another page.
>>>> WikiMedia syntax supports anchors, so the precedent exists. Of course,
>>>> anchors are also very commonly used in HTML on the Web.
>>>> Would anyone else be interested in using anchors in Zim?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Marc Paul Rubin
>>>> "jayseye"
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