On 02/22/2013 02:06 AM, Joerg Desch wrote:
> I'm using ZIM 0.59 from the Ubuntu repository. At least with this
> release, I discovered a bug in the table of content plugin. If you
> use two equal headlines, the plugin always jumps to the first one. I
> have not tried this with previous versions.
> Can somebody confirm this behavior? Thanks.

Yes. But the behavior seems to be to always jump to the line *below* (sort-of) the current cursor location, which is not always the first "headline."

I'm running 0.59 from source on WinXP (don't ask). I have a page with 2 identical Heading1 lines (just a bunch of "-" as a separator), call them A and B.

1) If the current cursor is above A, and I click on *either* ToC entry I always go to A.

2) If the current cursor is below A but above B, and I click on *either* ToC entry I always go to B.

3) If the current cursor is below B, and I click on *either* ToC entry I always go to A.

I noticed this recently, but don't really care since I have other unique ToC/headers I can jump to instead.

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