Can't get it to work on my Win XP SP3. 'Can't find path to Zim.' (I don't run from source on Windows - is that the problem?)

Works beautifully on Linux :-)

Thanks for your work - much appreciated.

Hilmar von Fintel

On 03/04/2013 22:11, Rui Nibau wrote:
Hi all.

A quick update for zim-clip : the add-on now works On Windows.

Keep in mind that I can't test it under Windows as much as it should. I don't have Windows at home and at work, well, I have to produce code for my boss :-). However, I found time at lunch time those past 2 days to install python and addon-sdk on Windows and to change the add-on code to be able to run it under Windows.

Tested with the Zim 0.58 Windows version -, under Windows Seven.

If you use the add-on under Windows and find some strange behaviors, please report the logs / errors printed in Firefox console. Thanks.


I have submitted zim-clip to the Firefox add-on website ; waiting for the preliminary code review. It will be available soon and updates will be easier then.


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