Thanks for that heads up. Unfortunately, the lack of FOSS is a deal breaker
for me.

I wonder if their is anything else available for peer-to-peer sync'ing -
apart from SFTP and SSH?

On 19 August 2013 21:52, Pedro <> wrote:

> Just wanted to share this with other zim users.
> Bittorrent sync, developed Bittorrent Inc. It is _not_ FOSS. I had to
> install yet another binary blob on my system. Other than that, it works
> flawlessly.
> Sync is encrypted, all I need is a key which consists of a a random
> string. Sync is peer to peer, so there is no need to set up servers and
> whatnot.
> Rsync, samba shares, sftp, they all work but are, in my opinion, too high
> maintenance. I ended up just putting my notebooks in my dropbox folder, but
> never felt too happy about storing personal information on a server I don't
> control. Therefore I never really wrote there any valuable personal
> information such as document numbers, addresses, etc.
> Now I just created a share folder with bittorrent sync and saved the key
> to myself. Every now and then I leave a personal computer on when I go to
> work so everything gets synced.
> I would recommend this to most people as is it probably simpler to use
> than anything else and solves the issue of trusting third parties.
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