In the last few months I've become one of those people who hangs out on a
handful of IRC channels during most of the work day, using a remote client
connected to a core IRC gateway (Quassel IRC) that keeps me always online
on the various IRC networks I use.

I took the initiative to create a channel "#zim-wiki" for Zim support and
other Zim-related conversations. We will follow the "How to be a Good
Catalyst" document ( ) and Channel
Guidelines ( ) and generally
try to make sure that anyone who shows up plays nice, just the same as on
this mailing list.

Jaap: Would you endorse this channel and list it on on
the appropriate page? (If not, I'll change the name to "##zim-wiki" to
indicate that it's unofficial.)

All: Do you think YOU could be a good op (moderator) and want to be one, in
addition to myself?

If you don't know what all this is, read the docs ( ), log on to FreeNode, and
join the channel "#zim-wiki".

Brendan Kidwell
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