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Hi everyone,

I've been moving more and more of my "life" into Zim and I was wondering if there was a "views" feature or plugin. Basically what I had in mind was to have another permanent pane in the main Window which displays content based on filters. For instance, all tasks with priority 1, or all tasks tagged "tomorrow" and with priorty 3. Unlike the tasklist the pane would be a part of the main window, with the possibility of multiple such panes each
with its own filters.

Does this feature exist? Or is there a plugin I can download? If not, I'd like to implement this feature as a plugin and I'd appreciate any pointers
or suggestions before I get started.

You are speaking more about tasks if I understand correctly. I have
similar issue with pages. I have long list of pages in the tree because I'm
using calendar. I can navigate to previous/next days using the tree or
calendar but for non-calendar pages I have to use Jump to (Ctrl+J). I would like to see the other pages but for this I have to browse the whole page tree. So, seeing list or subtree based on some permanent filter (similar to
selecting tag in the tag-tree view (tags plugin)) would be help me.

Not just tasks, but pages as well. I have a large monitor so viewing pages side by side would be handy. As for your requirements, I'm not sure how the pages are indexed. AFAIK the pages are unsortable and the only way to group them is to put them under the same top page. So essentially the tree is unfilterable except the by top page.



There were some tasklist filter related requests recently and also I think that there is ticket for making task list embedded into the main window but
I'm not sure.


Thank you!



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