Link that look like "./foo/bar.txt" are _not_ internal links, they are file
links. So opening with a text editor is the correct behavior, it can not be

Links to other pages in zim should look like "foo:bar" (or indeed "+bar"
for child pages). If you make your links like that, they will work
correctly in zim.



On Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 3:27 PM, Mzata Noskas <> wrote:

> Hey there, couple of little problems here using zim on windows 7:
> I've been fiddling about trying to get my notebook to open some local html
> files (file:///D:/foo/bar.html) in Chrome.
> Managed to get that done by using the Open with option and passing the
> full path to Chrome.exe.However now when I click on the link, the file is
> opened correctly in Chrome, but I'm then jumped back to zim and a
> notification window tells me the file could not be opened....?
> Also somehow in the process I messed up the internal links to other pages
> in my notebook which now open in notepad (default text editor). (at least
> the ones that start ../foo/bar.txt not the +bar ones
> I tried to workaround this by passing the path to my zim.exe in 'open
> with' but this didn't work.
> I was wondering how I could reset to defaults, or if there was a config
> file somewhere where I could edit what application opens which type of link.
> Thanks!
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