Dates can be added to a task using the format [d: YYYY-MM-DD] but for the 
Task List plug-in to properly highlight (find) the task the date needs to 
be last, after priority and tags.  For example
[ ] example task !! @sometag [d: 2014-02-21]
The easiest way is to add a data is to use Ctrl+D and select the format 
[d: %Y-%m-%d].  If you use dates in tasks frequently it also helps to 
order of date formats in the ~/Application Data/zim/config/zim/dates.list 
file so that [d: %Y-%m-%d] is near or at the top of the list.

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[Zim-wiki] (expected) due date in checkbox list

How can I insert a due date for an item in a checkboxlist  so that I get
that date in the task list ?

Agustin Lobo

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