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I myself use wikimind for a single notebook on my HTC phone and Nexus 7
tablet, syncronized with my Linux boxes through a Synology NAS. Wikimind
(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sweetrain.wikimind) has
a simple wiki syntax, but has two caveats though:

You can view wiki pages, but you have to edit the code (ie no WYSIWYG),
and it shows the headers of the zim-wiki notes (looks ugly, but WTF). BTW
- are the headers necessary at all? I would like to remove them - maybe a
feature request?

If you prefer open source web apps for your mobile notebooks (and you can work always-online), DokuWiki is worth a look. Try out DokuWiki's sandbox page https://www.dokuwiki.org/wiki:sandbox in Firefox's Web Developer Toolbar's "Responsive Design Mode", or try that URL directly in a handheld browser. The default theme was improved about a year ago to better handle small screens.

DokuWiki also requires you to edit page source code in directly its lightweight markup language, when you are in Edit mode.

(Note, DokuWiki is completely incompatible with Zim when freshly installed; I'm just mentioning that it exists.)

A couple of years ago an even more simple wiki app for Android - Ema
Personal Wiki
(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.janwillemboer.ema) -
was made open source; I've looked at the code, and have wondered if it
could make a starting point for an app for zim notes.

VBJ thanks for pointing that out. Just from the screenshots, it looks decent, and if it is based on Markdown, perhaps it could be made compatible with Zim. Either someone has to port Zim's reading/writing code to Ema's application language (Android Java?) and its internal object model, or we have to wait until Zim has direct support for Markdown storage. But it's not impossible.

If I had to have access to my Zim notes on a phone, I would do something like this: 1) Regularly, with a script or a manual action, I'd export my Zim notebook as HTML to a password-protected web-accessible folder anywhere. 2) When on the go, take new notes using the phone's built-in memo tool, and transfer them to Zim at the end of the day.

Brendan Kidwell

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